Open Studio

Please join us for this unique event as we transform the gallery, for one night only, into 6 individual artist's studios, featuring selected gallery artists who will put on a show in their own temporary space. Guests will be able to experience several "studio visits" in one place, combined with the experience of a high-end art opening.

Each of the six artists will set up a temporary "studio environment," as they begin from scratch to build a complete composition in acrylic, oil, or collage. The artists will be available to answer questions and discuss their working methods on a one-to-one basis. In addition, recently completed works by each individual artist will be on display on the gallery walls and will be available for sale. A portion of the proceeds for the evening go to the Center for Creative Education.

When: Jan. 9, 2014. 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Where: ArtHouse429

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"New York/Hawley/WPB-based painter Raul Vega creates intricate, swirling oil brushstrokes inspired by his surrounding outdoor environment, from forests to rock formations in eastern Pennsylvania, where his studio is located. Vega also takes numerous photographs of prospective subjects and potential landscapes during the summer as inspiration for creating canvases during the winter months." - Bruce Helander

Curated by Helander Studio
West Palm Beach, New York, Hawley