Raul Vega specializes in textured canvasses, using a rich mixture of layered paints, which are often applied with brushes in combination with pallet knife creating a dramatic and very intriguing optical and dimensional effect.. He has developed a unique technique that benefits the artist's creative vision. His work is evidence that his patience and artistic development from his days formally studying art at the College of Mayaguez, University of Puerto Rico, and Catholic University of Ponce, PR, and later, at the prestigious Pratt Institute, have remarkably paid off..

His artwork has been exhibited at the Paul Fisher Gallery in West Palm Beach, in a series of artists' surveys, "Art at the Whitney" in West Palm Beach, Bluestone Gallery in Milford, PA, ArtHouse429 and The Center of Creative Education in WPB. The artist's work has been acquired by the Coral Springs Museum of Art and the Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts. Vega distinguishes himself stylistically through his aggressive textured surfaces, and purposeful abstract patterns created by nature and manipulated by man. His work has expanded throughout his career while retaining certain characteristic elements of his unique style of painting.

Vega's work was also included in the recent "Bling" Art That Shines exhibition at the Cornell Museum of Art in Delray Beach.

Vega Studios in Pennsylvania
Artist's Studio
Curated by Helander Studio
West Palm Beach, New York, Hawley